About Me

I have been editing for professors and graduate students since 2005. Most of my clients study, teach, and publish in the social sciences, humanities, and business sciences. I specialize in working with professors and graduate students who write English as a second or foreign language.

Because of the years I have spent doing this work, I have developed into a strong content editor. My deep mechanical and content edit helps my clients make a clean and professional impression in the peer-review process. In addition to a thorough mechanical cleanup, I ensure that ever word, phrase, and sentence in your document say what you intend by clearing up potential ambiguities, improving precision with word choice, fixing and streamlining sentence structures, and offering alternatives when needed or useful.

I am well versed in APA, Chicago, and MLA styles. I am particular strong in APA, and I am a respected (and one of the most active) contributors to the Chicago Manual's forums.

My Philosophy

I have had the good fortune of working closely with individuals from different countries, both in the academic world and also through work and other areas of life. I recognize and appreciate the contribution that diversity makes to our society and wish to support it. I also understand the importance of social and policy research and wish to facilitate the professional work being done in these areas. For these reasons, I continue to keep my rates reasonable to make my services accessible to most scholars.

My Editing Approach

Instead of just correcting errors, I take care to explain my rationale for suggested changes. I point out patterns and ways to strengthen one's writing moving forward. Even strong writers can always improve. Indeed, I continue learning every day in this work, and I encourage that progress with my clients as well. By working with me, your current document will not only benefit, but you will see your writing skills advance as well. My goal is to help you become a strong contributor to your field. If this sounds exciting to you, then you are in the right place. Send me an e-mail or call (856-831-5887) and we can chat about your first project. Hope to hear from you soon!