How I Charge

Editors tend to charge in one of three different ways: flat prices per page or word, flat prices per project, and by the hour. I charge by the word to provide an easy, transparent pricing system for my clients and because I have found the rate to be fairly consistent across clients over the past several years.

How Long It Will Take

How long it will take depends on a number of factors, including how well the author writes in general, how many actual errors there are in a given document, how difficult it is to fix those errors, and how well the author communicates the editing objectives to me. When you submit your document, I will respond to you within one business day and provide you with a timeframe for when you can expect your document to be ready. Please also keep in mind that the turnaround time is affected not only by the length of your document but by the number of projects that were submitted before yours.

I am also happy to offer you a one time free edit of up to 500 words so that you can evaluate the quality of my work for yourself. If you are interested in the sample edit, please send your full document or at least the first couple of sections or chapters, because the context helps me edit more effectively.

My Rates

The following table explains the rates for the various services available.

Service Description Rate
Technical, Mechanical, and Substantive Editing For documents such as scholarly journal submissions, grant proposals, editorial and professional correspondence, tenure proposals, dissertations, class essays and project documents, technical webpage content, documents related to public policy, and other similar documents. $0.039 per word of main text (not counting references, title page)
Dissertation Formatting Completely formatting of your thesis or dissertation in APA, Turabian, or other style. A detailed description of this service can be found on my dissertation formatting website. Note: If you contact me for both editing and formatting, I will offer you a discount to keep the price from getting too high. $2/page
CV & Resume Critiques, Editing, & Formatting Varies by Project Contact for Quote
Document Formatting Varies by Project Contact for Quote

How My Rates Compare to Other Sites

I encourage you to do your own search online and check out the rates of other sites. I think you will find that my rates are very competitive for the depth of work that I do and the expertise and specialization that I have to offer. Remember that I am doing both surface-level editing of mechanics (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, italics usage, number expression, etc.) and deep substantive editing (conciseness, clarity, specificity, logic of ideas, logic of transitions, word choice, smoothness of expression, etc.) for technical documents. When you compare prices, please also keep in mind that I have over 8 years of experience working specifically and intensively with documents written by scholars from various countries and linguistic backgrounds.

As a small note of caution, please be wary of sites that have very cheap prices, such as those commonly offered on auction and bidding sites. The quality varies greatly on such sites (and in the editing world in general). I edit with great care and skill, as you'll see from my sample edit.

Rush Jobs

I often receive requests to edit documents in a very short period of time. I understand that this is sometimes necessary for my clients, but it also represents an extra effort on my part. Therefore, I might quote you a higher rate for the quick turnaround.

*Please note that business hours are from 9am to 5pm (EST), Monday to Friday and do not include U.S. bank holidays.

Sending Your Document

Please feel free to contact me at any time to submit your document.

Payment Options

Payment is not due until my work is complete to your satisfaction, at which point I can accept major credit cards, JCB, PayPal, Google Checkout, check, or money order.

When the time comes, I will send you an invoice on my letterhead with the details. I always honor my original quote and will never surprise you with a price raise. If more work is added during the course of the project, I will always establish a quote that is acceptable to you before proceeding.

I am open to spreading out payments over time if that helps. In that case, I just ask that we set up an automatically recurring payment through PayPal for both our convenience. If you are interested in this payment option, just let me know when the time comes and I can create the recurring payment for you.